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Third Party Fundraising

One of the best ways to support Women’s Center & Shelter is through a third party fundraiser. Whether you’re collecting cash, gift cards, or essential items for our shelter residents, a third party fundraiser is a great way to show your support and dedication to the people who depend on WC&S’ services.

Begin planning your third party fundraiser now by filling out our online form.

What is a third party fundraiser?
A third party fundraiser is a fundraising drive led by volunteers, rather than WC&S staff. WC&S will provide limited support but the planning, execution and responsibility for the event is taken on by the volunteer(s) planning it.

Who can plan a third party fundraiser?
Anyone! WC&S is regularly the recipient of fundraisers held by:

  • Corporations/Departments
  • Community Organizations
  • Small Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • School Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Musicians
  • Groups of Friends and Family

What kind of third party fundraiser should I plan?
There are tons of wonderful fundraising ideas to choose from. Some examples include:

  • Host a fundraising drive at your work for gift cards or items from our essential needs list [link]
  • Host a benefit dinner for WC&S
  • Host a house party and ask your guests to donate a “cover charge”
  • Host a concert or comedy night
  • Create a social media fundraiser and raise money online

How can I get started planning a fundraiser for WC&S?
You can begin the the planning process for your third party fundraiser by filling out our online form.

For questions or assistance with a current fundraiser, please contact Jake at or 412-687-8017 ext. 331.