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Who We Are

Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh is more than an emergency shelter for adults experiencing domestic violence and their children. We are a safe harbor that provides specialized care and support for survivors who have experienced all types of intimate partner violence from physical to emotional through Support Groups, Legal Advocacy, Hotline Services, a Children’s Advocacy Program, and more.

Supporting Survivors Throughout Their Journey

We are a source of hope for survivors of domestic abuse. By offering a holistic approach to healing, our programs and services provide the safety and support survivors deserve. Women’s Center & Shelter welcomes survivors of domestic violence at different stages in their journeys and works with them to meet their personal, individual needs.

You Are Welcome Here

At WC&S, all survivors can find help. We recognize that men, LGBTQIA+ people, and non-binary/gender non-conforming individuals can be survivors of intimate partner violence. We will not turn anyone away based on gender, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, religion, age, ability, language spoken, or any other factor. We welcome you as you are.


Thank you for joining us during Domestic Violence Awareness Month as we connected with the community to raise awareness to DV and amplified the voices of survivors.  Watch the three Lunch and Learn sessions now, focusing on DV and Gun Violence, DV and Substance Use, and DV and Youth.

Mission Vision and Values of WC&S

Input from WC&S staff members, clients, committee members, and the Board of Directors was collected over the course of several months to inform today’s mission, vision, and value statements.


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There is hope for a happy, healthy life for survivors of intimate partner violence. Your generosity makes our work possible. Learn more about how your support helps to empower survivors to build new lives.


Help survivors and children stay safe

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Safety is a basic human need that many of us take for granted. Right now, there are countless adults and children who fear for their lives and their futures because of the threat of intimate partner violence. By contributing to our mission, you are providing the precious gift of safety to those who need it most.

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Educate yourself and those around you

Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, nationality, or economic class. On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States, totaling more than 10 million people per year. Educate yourself and those you love most so that you can get help, and help those around you. Knowledge is power.

Explore updates and resources about intimate partner violence

Women’s Center & Shelter is committed to providing a wide array of nurturing activities and services to help children witnesses heal from the devastating effects of domestic abuse.

“My daughter and I were welcomed into the Emergency Shelter where we were provided not only with basic necessities but also with education and resources to help guide my steps forward. They taught me that nothing is impossible.”

A Medical Advocacy Coordinator works closely with area hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices to provide support in the form of crisis intervention, educational resources, and hands-on trainings.

35% of employees have known a coworker who was an IPV victim or perpetrator and 45-66% are concerned about their own safety in the workplace.

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