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RUSafe: How to Save a Life With an App!

The news. Online. Through social media. And often overheard in a hushed conversation. The subject of domestic abuse is all around us. We hear about it. And we know someone needs to do something about it. But are we that someone? What can we do to help put an end to the violence and abuse so many women face every 9 seconds of the day?

You can become a champion against domestic abuse! Have you heard about our RUSafe App? Once upon a time you may have, but now it’s been completely updated and revamped! In partnership with Aspirant, this newly developed RUSafe App (for iOS and Android devices) has the potential to save lives by assessing the potential risks for domestic violence and harm in dangerous relationships.

RUSafeThis means that you CAN actually help women who are in relationships with batterers. We’ll show you how—just come to our launch event! We’re hosting this FREE event with Aspirant on Wednesday, June 27, at Alloy 26 in the North Shore, with the first session from 5pm – 6:30pm and a second from 7pm – 8:30pm. There, we’ll prepare you to be ready to share the new RUSafe App in your community.

So how does this App work? Thanks for asking. RUSafe provides anyone who feels that they do not have a complete awareness of domestic abuse, or a connection to available support resources, the information they need. With this revamp, the App teaches bystanders about the signs of domestic abuse and how to help. It even has a journaling option now where users can create a new, private email address that is used to track what’s happening with text, audio, or photos.

Each session will consist of networking, drinks, and appetizers.  And at each of the sessions, we will:

● Help you learn more about the App, Women’s Center & Shelter, and the overall topic of domestic abuse so you can feel comfortable sharing and talking about them
● Give you a toolkit (including flyers, business cards, and general information) to help you spread the word
● Give you suggestions on where to place this information

And just for being there, YOU GET TWO FREE CONCERT TICKETS! Live Nation Pittsburgh is offering two lawn tickets to a show of your choice from the following at KeyBank Pavilion for anyone who registers for and attends the launch: Weezer/Pixies (7/10), Styx /Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (7/14), Bush/The Cult (7/21), Rascal Flatts (7/27), Chicago/REO Speedwagon (7/28), and Counting Crows/Live (8/30). Consider it our thanks-for-being-a-good-human form of appreciation!

Ready to be a doer? A champion for victims of domestic abuse? That’s the spirit!  RSVP for either session here and we’ll see you there!