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Womens Center & Shelter


3rd of October 2018

4 Ways to Honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month at WC&S

Think of your friends, family, and coworkers. Think of all your loved ones. One might assume that domestic violence has no impact on them; that it is something you might hear on the news but is someone else’s problem. Whether or not you are directly impacted by DV, it IS an issue that everyone should […]

20th of June 2018

RUSafe: How to Save a Life With an App!

The news. Online. Through social media. And often overheard in a hushed conversation. The subject of domestic abuse is all around us. We hear about it. And we know someone needs to do something about it. But are we that someone? What can we do to help put an end to the violence and abuse […]

29th of July 2014

Women’s Center & Shelter Releases App!

What if downloading an app had the potential to save a life? Well, the new RUSafe App is doing just that. The app was created by Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S) to help prevent domestic violence death and injuries by connecting victims, their families, and their friends to domestic violence services. What […]