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Womens Center & Shelter


6th of February 2015

WC&S Groups Aim to Help Heal, continued…

Last month you learned about some of Women’s Center & Shelter’s support groups (At The Table, Life Skills and Career Development). This month we want to share with you some of our other support groups that we offer to shelter clients of WC&S. Continue reading to learn more! RECOVERY GROUP – WC&S’ Recovery Group facilitators […]

15th of January 2015

WC&S’ Support Groups Aim to Help Heal

At Women’s Center & Shelter, not only is it extremely important to ensure the physical safety of our shelter residents but it’s also important to help with their emotional safety and healing process. We help our residents by offering a variety of groups—giving them the options to pick which ones interest them. WC&S wants to share some of […]

3rd of December 2013

The Mother-Child Bond..

Many women who come to Women’s Center & Shelter are here with their children. Whether they are staying in the emergency shelter or attending support groups while their children are in the Children’s Program–the mother-child relationship is an important one. With the holiday season here, WC&S hosts our Adopt-A-Family program. This program strives to make […]

29th of January 2013

After the Abuse: How to begin to heal, what to expect and where to turn for support.

There can be a rainbow after a storm… Leaving an abusive relationship can be emotionally and physically draining, which can be very difficult to deal with all at once. Many survivors have stated that even after leaving the relationship, they are still left with residual emotional effects that can take just as much work and effort as leaving […]

19th of December 2012

Court Ordered Support Groups

When someone is in a domestic abuse situation, they are confronted with several issues related to their safety and emotional well-being. Victims of abuse often do not know where to turn for help, as well as the different ways to try to stay safe from the abuser. Sometimes it may only feel possible to try […]