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Your Impact & Our Work

Copy of EOY Web Fall 2019

Your Impact

No words can truly describe the impact your support makes on the lives of countless adults and children who are survivors of domestic abuse each year. Instead of simply telling you that every donation makes a difference, we will let the stories of real survivors show you how much of a difference you can make.

Their stories help us all to understand both the devastating effects of domestic violence and the hope that is made possible through your support. In this section, you will hear powerful stories of courage, strength, and true resilience from some of the bravest individuals in our community.


Finding Hope After Abuse

Every story is different, but one theme remains the same: there is hope for a happy, healthy life for survivors of intimate partner violence. Andrea, a high-powered executive in Pittsburgh’s corporate community, thought the 25 years of violent abuse she endured was her fault. Rhonda believed that when she got hit by her abuser, it was a sign of love. Allison, a child witness, finds that the vivid images of her mother being physically abused by her father still linger in the back of her mind.

Our goal is to create an open, positive environment in which all survivors of all types of domestic abuse  can find the help, support, and hope they need to heal and rebuild their lives. Because of your support, each one of these brave survivors was able to find that hope through Women’s Center & Shelter.


Our Work

Due to the horrific nature of domestic violence, you may never know the names or see the faces of most domestic violence survivors and their children served through our mission. However, our work positively impacts the lives of thousands of adults and children each year in countless ways.


  • 50% of total residents were children
  • 100% of children were connected to medical services
  • A total of 404 adults and children sheltered
  • 93% of residents obtained safe and affordable housing
  • 39 days was the average length of stay
  • 93% of hotline callers rated their experience as positive

You make this work possible.

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