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Partner Violence

No one should have to suffer the physical, mental and emotional pains of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), more commonly referred to as domestic abuse. However, this easily preventable public health crisis results in 2 million injuries throughout the county each year, and claims one life every 6 hours.

It’s time to change those statistics.

What Is Intimate Partner Violence?

IPV is a serious issue that can involve physiological, financial and emotional harm as well as physical and sexual violence. Though it often falls under many names, such as domestic violence or spousal abuse, the nature of abuse is always the same.

Plainly put, it is a pattern of behavior that centers on the forceful control of one person within a current or former intimate relationship. Many survivors are made to feel that the control is done out of love or care, which can make it difficult for them to find the strength to leave.

But the truth is, this type of fear and pain has no place in a real loving relationship. emergency shelters and support groups are available to help you escape the abuse.

The Face of Domestic Violence

There is no simple way to define a “typical” survivor of domestic violence. Even though nearly 25% of all women have experienced some form of physical violence by a partner, 1 out of 7 men have also experienced the same kinds of severe abuse. More than 54% of gender non-conforming individuals experience domestic violence. 

IPV can affect anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, identity, age, race, religion, ethnicity or education level. That is why domestic violence shelters seek to help individuals and families, without any judgments or prejudices.

How to Stop Domestic Violence

IPV can take many forms, which can make it hard to tell when someone is experiencing domestic abuse. That is why it’s so important to spot the signs of domestic violence and act as soon as possible. The first step is to become familiar with types of abuse, especially those that may involve children.

If believe you or someone you know may be a victim of domestic violence, take advantage of our Safety Planning tools, including the RUSafe App and our legal services, to start planning a safe and swift escape.



Women’s Center & Shelter is here to help and provide hope for survivors of domestic violence.

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