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Roxanne’s Story

Roxanne first experienced abuse at a point in her life when everything is meant to be safe and you are supposed to be protected –her childhood. She horrifically endured childhood sexual abuse, leading into her teen years where she experienced teen dating violence. Before Roxanne had even reached adulthood, she had suffered multiple rapes. This pattern of abuse did not stop there.

rox3As an adult, Roxanne got involved in a relationship with a man whom she loved very much. Roxanne’s family even loved this man, which made her even more excited about the new relationship. Shortly after, the verbal abuse began. As this went on, the abuse turned physical – more and more violent with each episode.

When Roxanne’s abuser hit her for the first time, she kicked him out of the house.  After the incident, he pleaded with her and begged her to take him back – promising it would never happen again. Believing she was in love, she took him back. Another incident started with an argument, which lead to her being punched in the head and dragged down a hallway.When Roxanne awoke, she was sitting in her bedroom, unsure of how much time had passed.

The violence continued to get worse, leading to the final attack that almost took her life. Roxanne left for good, wondering how to pick up the pieces.

At first, Roxanne was ashamed of what she had gone through, but as time progressed, she learned that she should not feel shame because of another person’s behavior. She was not to blame for what he had done to her.

She found Women’s Center & Shelter and began to attend a support group, and in time, Roxanne slowly began to heal from her traumatic past.

Today, Roxanne is determined to help other women – volunteering at Women’s Center & Shelter and making sure she advocates on behalf of domestic violence victims whenever she can. Roxanne’s journey was long and hard, but now she has found peace in a life free from abuse.

If you, or someone you know, think you may be experiencing abuse – please call Women’s Center & Shelter’s free and confidential 24-Hour Hotline at 412-687-8005 ext. 1.