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Celebrating Survivors

Celebrating Survivors 2019: Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Sgt. Eric Kroll and the late Joyce McAneny to be Honored

Celebrating SurvivorsOur premier event is almost here!  Celebrating Survivors, will take place at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh the evening of Friday, April 26, 2019. Sponsored by UPMC Health Plan, this event celebrates survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV), remembers those who have lost their lives to IPV, and will honor Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Sergeant Eric Kroll and WC&S’ beloved former Legal Advocacy Manager, the late Joyce McAneny, with Ted Craig Humanitarian Awards.

“Having worked doggedly over the years to bring the Lethality Assessment Program and domestic violence training to the City of Pittsburgh Police, Sgt. Kroll and Joyce McAneny have both shown exemplary advocacy for survivors of intimate partner violence. Sgt. Kroll and Joyce have given so much; they are both truly deserving of this honor,” said Nicole Molinaro, President/CEO of Women’s Center & Shelter.

Known as one of the training experts within the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Sgt. Kroll spearheaded the implementation of the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) in the City of Pittsburgh. Police officers who are called to a home where intimate partner violence is suspected use the eleven-question lethality assessment with victims. If the officers determine a victim to have a high risk of being killed, they will connect the victim with WC&S while still at the scene. Working alongside law enforcement, the Office of the District Attorney, WC&S, and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and others, Sgt. Kroll took the lead on developing the policy, the training curriculum, as well as the implementation of the LAP smartphone app. Driven by a family member’s experience with domestic violence (DV), Sgt. Eric Kroll has shown great compassion toward victims of DV and a steadfast dedication to addressing the issue as an officer within the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

Joyce was an integral member of the team that implemented the Lethality Assessment Program here in the City of Pittsburgh, which will no doubt be a part of her lasting legacy. She also worked alongside Sgt. Kroll and members of the District Attorney’s Office to provide DV training at the local police academies. Throughout her 20 years at WC&S, Joyce provided court accompaniment and safety planning to thousands of domestic violence survivors and worked to strengthen the justice system’s response to domestic violence. She worked tirelessly with judges, court administrators, attorneys, probation officers, police, and others in the justice system so that victims were better supported and batterers held more accountable.

KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland is the emcee for the evening and Honorary Event Chairs are the mother/daughter teams of Pat Siger & Carli Siger and Barbara Jeremiah & Abigail Gardner. The evening includes catering by Rania’s Catering, entertainment by The Kevin Howard Band, a Silent Auction, Wine Grab, Mission Moment, and more!

Celebrating Survivors is held annually in the spring with all proceeds benefitting WC&S’ programs and services for adults experiencing IPV and their children.

This year’s event is now sold out, so if you didn’t get tickets yet, we hope to see you next year!

Helping Women and Children of Domestic Violence

Margaret never thought it would happen to her. She had a good job, a nice home, wonderful children and supportive friends and family. But Margaret had something else, a secret.

As she looked outside at the holiday lights strung in her neighbor’s yard, it seemed so peaceful. Inside is where her secret reigned. No one, absolutely no one, knew what would come next. But she did.

Her husband is screaming in the kitchen – throwing plates across the room as they hit the wall and shatter. She knows she’ll become his next target, and the knot forms in her stomach. The kids are in the living room crying, and in this moment, she knows they cannot withstand this abuse anymore.

Later that night, when she is alone with her children, she tells them to quickly put on their shoes and coats and follow her to the car. There is only a small window before her husband returns from the store, and everything else must be left behind. The kids ask where they are going, but she remains steadfast at the wheel – determined to get to safety.

Because of the generosity of our donors, this family has a safe place to go…Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S). They arrive frightened and weary, worn down by the life threatening events of their lives. Greeted by WC&S Advocates with warm smiles and open arms, their lives begin to change in ways they can only dream.

Everything from legal support, medical care and counseling is offered free of charge. But perhaps most valuable is the moment of peace that begins as they lay down in their own room in our Emergency Shelter. One moment of peace that begins a whole new world.

As mom drifts off to sleep, knowing for the first time in what seems like forever, that she and her children are safe, she hears the words of her advocate ringing in her ears, “I promise, we are here. You are fully supported and won’t go through this alone.”

It is impossible to a put a price tag on the work that your donations allow us to provide here at Women’s Center & Shelter. Transitioning women and their children from a place of abuse and fear to safety and hope is a priceless gift. From basic necessities to vital resources, your support allows domestic violence survivors to move forward into a new life, free from abuse.

Your year-end donation makes all of this possible. Please…

Red Donate

For the love of dog

“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”
~~ George Eliot


Imagine this: Your closest companion is your dog.

Your dog loves you, she comforts you, and she never judges you. Whenever you need a laugh—she is there chasing her tail. Whenever you need a hug—she is there putting her paw on your lap. Whenever you need comfort—she is there licking away your tears. She is your closest companion in a world fraught with fear and anxiety because, although she is always kind, your partner isn’t. Instead, he is constantly putting you down, interrogating you, criticizing you, and intimidating you. The only one you can really count on is your dog.

Imagine this: You decide it is time to get out of this abusive situation.

But you can’t. You know him and you know what he is capable of doing. He has kicked your dog before. He has withheld her food. He has made her stay outside when it’s been too hot or too stormy. He’s threatened to just let her out the door. He has threatened to kill her. You couldn’t possibly leave him because you couldn’t abandon her. What’s more, you couldn’t bear to be without her—she is your closest companion and your biggest support. But you don’t know if you will be able to survive—emotionally or physically—if you stay.

But then, imagine this: You find out there is support for you and your dog.

You call the Women’s Center and Shelter’s 24-Hour Hotline (412-687-8005 x 1) and explain that you want to get out, but that you can’t leave without your dog. You learn that there are several options available to assist you in getting yourself and your dog to safety. You create a safety plan with a Hotline Advocate.

Now, imagine this: Your dog is one of your closest companions.

Your dog loves you, she comforts you, and she never judges you. She’s been there with you through thick and thin, and the wag of her tail tells you that she is as happy as you.

Did you know?

  • If you are in need of shelter due to intimate partner violence, Women’s Center and Shelter may be able to provide immediate, short-term shelter for your dog, cat, or other companion animal.
  • We partner with local animal shelters to find temporary or permanent placement for your pets.
  • Your pets can be protected by a Protection From Abuse Order—our Legal Advocacy Department can assist you in listing pets on the PFA. Call our Legal Advocacy Department Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm at 412-355-7400 x5.
  • Humane Officers can assist you in retrieving your pet from the place you fled.
  • Free and low-cost veterinary services are available through local animal shelters.
  • Our Hotline Advocates can assist you in creating a safety plan for you, your children, and your pets. Even if you determine you must stay in the abusive situation or leave your pet behind in order to safely flee, we can support you in your planning and decision-making. Call us anytime day or night at 412-687-8005 x1.

Imagine this: One day all women, children, and pets are free from abuse.

How does your pet support you? Have you ever considered leaving but been afraid to leave your pet behind? What is the best part about having a companion animal, to you?

Women’s Center & Shelter thanks Pittsburgh’s Animal Rescue League and Animal Friends for the varied and integral types of support they provide for our clients and their pets!

Learn more about safety planning for your pets. (Brochure adapted from the Humane Society)