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Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety of our residents, both our corporate volunteer and direct service volunteer programs have been suspended indefinitely. When volunteering at the shelter is able to continue safely, we will update this page with more information.

To discuss how to donate a meal for our shelter residents or host a donation drive, please contact Jake at If you are interested in donating items from our Urgent and Essential Needs List, please contact Jess at

Internship Opportunities

For undergraduate level direct service internship opportunities, please call 412-687-8017 ext. 317, or email

For graduate level direct service internship opportunities, please call 412-687-8017 ext. 318, or email

Donation Opportunities

If you are unable to volunteer your time in any of the ways mentioned above, you can also provide a financial donation to support the efforts and programs of Women’s Center & Shelter. Visit our donations page for more information and to discover all the ways you help give hope to victims of domestic violence and abuse.

*Special Note: While all clients of Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh and their children are free and encouraged to practice their own religious beliefs, it is never appropriate to preach, evangelize, read scripture, or distribute materials religious in nature while volunteering .*