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Emergency Shelter

young confident casual womanWomen’s Center & Shelter provides Emergency Shelter for adults and children (including boys up to age 17) who are fleeing abusive relationships. Survivors and children can be admitted into 24-hours a day by calling our Hotline and discussing their situation with one of our trained Advocates.

Shelter services are designed to meet the basic needs of survivors and their children, offering clothing, toiletries, as well as offering support for any specialized needs. While staying in the Emergency Shelter, our Advocates provide safety planning education, emotional support, crisis intervention, and goal planning to help survivors begin to rebuild their lives.

We also realize that pets are family, too.

Womens center and shelter pet shelterWC&S Pet AreaFifty percent of domestic violence survivors delayed leaving abuse out of fear for their pets. []

At WC&S, we're breaking down the barriers of leaving a violent home. Here, pets can be temporarily housed in our pet area while their humans who need Shelter receive our help!

Creating a Safe Place for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

shutterstock_203586676Maintaining the privacy and safety of each resident is one of the cornerstones of Women’s Center & Shelter. We strive to create a safe haven for survivors of intimate partner violence, and help them continue that safety as they transition into their new lives. Our Advocates help residents apply and search for transitional, subsidized and fair market rate housing. Advocates also assist with relocation out of the county and the state when necessary.

Additional on-site supportive services include:
  • Weekly medical clinic for survivors and children, including health assessments and referrals for health care in the community
  • Specialized weekly clinic for children’s dental care
  • Assistance with connecting to supportive services in the community, including healthcare, welfare, social security benefits, and childcare
  • Meetings with our Legal Advocacy Department, which provides advocacy and accompaniment for residents in the court system
  • Mental Health support (through Support Groups and individual counseling)
  • Referrals to therapy options designed to aid adults or children in the process of healing from trauma
  • Recovery support and referrals to medical treatment programs
  • Career and education advocacy to help residents explore school and work opportunities
  • A Children, Youth and Families (CYF) Advocate who supports and works with residents within the CYF system

Building a Safer World through Sanctuary

Women’s Center & Shelter uses the Sanctuary Model throughout the organization, which is a blueprint for providing trauma-informed care to victims of abuse.

As part of this, Shelter uses the S.E.L.F. model in providing individual and group services. S.E.L.F., which stands for Safety, Emotions, Loss and Future, provides the framework for residents to start recovering from trauma.

At the core of these models is the belief that the best way to help victims overcome the through open and honest communication in a safe, judgment-free environment. To that end, Women’s Center & Shelter offers multiple support groups for residents, focusing on topics such as: domestic violence education, S.E.L.F., Seeking Safety, Coping with Trauma, Life Skills, and a special group for parenting.

Call our 24-Hour Hotline at 412-687-8005 for help or more information.