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Medical Advocacy

The Medical Advocacy Program at Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh provides a liaison between the Center and the medical community in the surrounding area. Our mission is to help all members of the medical field understand the warning signs of intimate partner violence as well as the effects of domestic abuse on children, so that they can offer the most relevant and effective care possible. medical

Working with Medical Professionals and Victims of Domestic Abuse

The Medical Advocacy Coordinator works closely with area hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices to provide support in the form of crisis intervention to patients, educational resources, and hands-on trainings. During business hours, the Advocate is available to meet with victims of domestic violence at to give emotional support, share resources and explain legal options.

Education and Community Outreach

shutterstock_65464255The Medical Advocacy Program also participates in outreach by attending community events and health fairs in the nearby Pittsburgh, PA, area, offering training classes, sharing information and meeting with victims of abuse. Additionally, Women’s Center & Shelter provides training on domestic violence prevention and awareness to healthcare providers, students and other community organizations or individuals upon request.
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