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Support Groups

The threats and abuse of intimate partner violence can leave you feeling lost and alone. Women’s Center & Shelter is here to offer hope for survivors of domestic violence.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any form of domestic abuse, you can call our free and confidential hotline at 412-687-8005 to inquire about receiving information, support, and help from one of our specially trained Advocates. We are here to help you explore your feelings, understand your options, and make plans for change.

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Finding Help for Domestic Abuse through Shared Experiences

Our Advocates can connect you with support groups to learn about domestic abuse, gain support from other survivors, and grow stronger through shared experiences.

Women’s Center & Shelter’s domestic violence support groups are built around the S.E.L.F. model, which promotes healing from domestic violence and trauma in a safe and positive manner. The “S.E.L.F. Groups” are psycho-educational support groups that encourage clients to explore:

  • Safety – creating a space safe from physical, emotional and moral abuse
  • Emotions - how feelings such as fear, sadness and anger teach us about ourselves, as well as how to manage feelings in a healthy way
  • Loss - understanding and feeling grief as it relates to domestic violence and trauma
  • Future – exploring what life might look like after a personal history of abuse and trauma

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Actionable Therapy and Support Groups

In addition to open discussions and education, these groups use experience-based methods and activities to provide further insight into the effects of domestic violence and how to cope with the complex emotions that it produces. Examples of this type of practice include practicing grounding techniques, art therapy, mindfulness meditation, controlled breathing, journaling and writing, positive movement, and music therapy.

Individual Therapy

shutterstock_229879537We know that domestic violence is not a mental health problem, but a serious public health concern that affects 1 in 4 women in America. However, trauma can cause more complex issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder to surface. For those clients who are interested in exploring their trauma in a more personal way, individual therapy can be arranged.

LGBTQIA+ Support Groups

Domestic violence can happen to anyone in any relationship. At WC&S, we offer a safe environment for anyone in an LGBTQIA+ abusive relationship who is seeking help. No one is turned away because of whom they choose to love; no one is judged.

Two support groups are held for LGBTQIA+ individuals: one for youth and one for people ages 25+. WC&S partners with TransPride PGH for these support groups. If you're interested in either of these support groups, contact

For all support groups, call our 24-Hour Hotline at 412-687-8005 for help or more information.