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Stories of Hope

Luna’s Survivor Story: New Beginnings – A Place of Her Own

Trigger Warning: domestic violence, suicide attempt, animal abuse, threats of rape, threats of murder. “John and I met on a dating app. I was in a dark mental place, and he looked exactly like my favorite musician. It seemed like it was meant to be,” Luna began. “He lived out of state and one weekend, […]

Ruthie’s Survivor Story – Reaching Out and Finding Hope Within

“I used to worry someone was going to say ‘This isn’t what we’re here for. We’re here for real abuse.’ But no one at WC&S ever said that to me.” “I started to realize something was wrong when I saw a WC&S flyer at a doctor’s office. It asked ‘Does your partner check your social […]

Lisa’s Survivor Story: Free from Abuse, 42 Year Later

“I was born into a family with many problems – drugs, alcohol, and abuse,” Lisa began. She spent her early life in a tumultuous home with an inconsistent father an abusive mother.    In her teens, Lisa’s father kept a close eye on her and her sister, but one activity they were permitted to do alone was play tennis. It […]

Hannah’s Story of Hope

Listen in as Hannah tells her survivor story. This video was shown during Celebrating Survivors 2021.

Camillia’s Story of Hope

“There is always somebody there to help you with whatever you’re going through. Whether it’s mentally, financially, or physically, they are there. I learned that you’re not alone.” Listen as Camillia tells her story of hope.

Michael’s Story

Michael experienced emotional, physical, and sexual violence at the hands of his ex-wife for over 3 years. It would take 15 years to understand what happened to him.

Aubrey’s Story

Aubrey’s abusive ex-husband took their child and then manipulated law enforcement and criminal justice systems into believing that she was the perpetrator of violence in their relationship.

In Her Words: DV Survivors Speak about Women They Honor

At Women’s Center & Shelter, we celebrate women every day. In recognition of International Women’s Day, WC&S talked to DV survivors about women that inspire hope in them.

Teenagers Experience Dating Violence, Too. Do You Know the Signs?

‘Domestic abuse.’ Think about those words. Now, close your eyes for a moment. Picture the first image that came to mind. Did you see a fist? Or perhaps a bruised face? Maybe an inebriated, pot-bellied man in a dirty sleeveless shirt grabbing the arm of his wife as she struggles to escape his grasp? I […]