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Womens Center & Shelter


15th of January 2015

WC&S’ Support Groups Aim to Help Heal

At Women’s Center & Shelter, not only is it extremely important to ensure the physical safety of our shelter residents but it’s also important to help with their emotional safety and healing process. We help our residents by offering a variety of groups—giving them the options to pick which ones interest them. WC&S wants to share some of […]

16th of September 2014

How To Talk To Your Children About Domestic Violence Media Coverage

We know that parents may have questions on how to handle discussions with their children regarding the recent media coverage of Ray Rice battering his wife.  We thought it may be helpful to provide some tips and resources regarding this matter. A great resource provides tips for discussing fallen celebrities with your child or children. […]

21st of August 2014

Technology – Helpful or Harmful?

In the July Blog, we talked about an example of technology being helpful by introducing our new RUSafe App, which connects victims of domestic violence and the people who care about them to life-saving resources. This app raises many questions on technology and its role in everyday life but particularly in relationships. There is no […]

29th of July 2014

Women’s Center & Shelter Releases App!

What if downloading an app had the potential to save a life? Well, the new RUSafe App is doing just that. The app was created by Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S) to help prevent domestic violence death and injuries by connecting victims, their families, and their friends to domestic violence services. What […]

29th of April 2014

Women’s Center & Shelter’s Children’s Program

Studies indicate that between 10% and 20% of children in the United States are living with intimate partner violence in their homes and thereby having their sense of safety and security devastated. This continued exposure to violence and abuse overwhelms their ability to cope and manifests itself through a broad range of problem behaviors. It’s […]

26th of February 2014

Teen Dating Violence: What does it look like?

Teen relationships may differ from adult relationships but that doesn’t mean that teens don’t experience the same types of physical (hitting, pinching, biting, shoving, etc.), verbal (threats, insults, put downs, name calling, etc.), sexual (restricting birth control, inability to control one’s sexual activity, etc.), and emotional abuse (humiliation, isolation, stalking or monitoring, etc.) that adults do. Any […]

28th of January 2014

Achieving Safety and Independence

When a woman comes into shelter, her immediate safety is the first priority. Once safety is established, she can begin to work with Women’s Center & Shelter (WC&S) staff to get back on her feet. Through a network of more than 100 collaborative partners, WC&S staff works to connect clients to community resources that can […]

31st of December 2013

Abuse Can Ruin the Holidays: How to Find Some Peace

During the holidays the entire world seems to be at peace. Smiles shine brightly, laughter floats through the air and a sense of purity and newness permeate every moment. That is, unless you are a victim of abuse.

3rd of December 2013

The Mother-Child Bond..

Many women who come to Women’s Center & Shelter are here with their children. Whether they are staying in the emergency shelter or attending support groups while their children are in the Children’s Program–the mother-child relationship is an important one. With the holiday season here, WC&S hosts our Adopt-A-Family program. This program strives to make […]

27th of September 2013

Experiencing a day in the life of a shelter resident..

It’s been about 10 days since I came to Women’s Center & Shelter for the second time. I can remember the initial fear; the not knowing what would happen or what could happen.