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5th of February 2020

Teenagers Experience Dating Violence, Too. Do You Know the Signs?

‘Domestic abuse.’ Think about those words. Now, close your eyes for a moment. Picture the first image that came to mind. Did you see a fist? Or perhaps a bruised face? Maybe an inebriated, pot-bellied man in a dirty sleeveless shirt grabbing the arm of his wife as she struggles to escape his grasp? I […]

3rd of October 2018

4 Ways to Honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month at WC&S

Think of your friends, family, and coworkers. Think of all your loved ones. One might assume that domestic violence has no impact on them; that it is something you might hear on the news but is someone else’s problem. Whether or not you are directly impacted by DV, it IS an issue that everyone should […]

23rd of October 2012

How to support her when she’s not ready to leave…

There are many reasons a woman may choose to stay in an abusive relationship—from conflicting emotions to lack of resources. While we want women to be as safe as possible, we also want women to feel in control of their lives and their decisions. That being said, we need to keep in mind that no […]

25th of September 2012

Working to Empower Women in Armenia

Reflections from an Armenian Intern Determined to help women suffering from intimate partner violence in Armenia, Arpine interned at Women’s Center & Shelter this summer. Arpine’s reflections below offer insight into how far the United States has come in combating domestic violence (DV) since the Women’s Movement in the 1970’s, and also how her own […]