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Take the Father’s Day Pledge to End Gender Violence!

Outside of being fathers, men have many other roles as uncles, brothers, colleagues, mentors, and role models. In order to end domestic and sexual violence, we call for men to have conversations with their children about healthy relationships, confront other men about disrespectful jokes or behavior, and support survivors to get help. Domestic violence affects us all, whether it is directly or through our family, friends, and colleagues, and we want men to help end us the fight against gender violence. For those incredible men already supporting these issues, thank you!

One in three women are abused physically, sexually, emotionally or verbally by their partner, and while most men and women oppose gender violence, it is not enough to be quietly supportive. This year, we have partnered with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, PA Says No More, and Southwest PA Says No More for their Father’s Day Pledge PA Campaign. This is a statewide campaign for men to join women in taking action to end gender violence.

The Fourth Annual Father’s Day Pledge Signing Ceremony will occur at the US Steel Tower on Friday, June 14 from 12 – 1 PM.  The ceremony is an opportunity for community leaders and the public to sign their name to the Pledge, publicly taking a stand to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Opening remarks will include Bill Peduto, current Mayor of Pittsburgh. Speeches will be given on supporting survivors, engaging young people in the conversations about prevention (featuring our own Rhonda Fleming, Director of Education), and speaking out against abusive behaviors. Afterwards, there will be a public recitation of the pledge, and a signing ceremony for community leaders and the public. Sign up here.

Not able to attend in person? You can sign the pledge online here, vowing to make your community safer by learning about domestic violence and sexual assault, modeling respect equality in your own relationships, and speaking out against disrespectful and abusive behaviors.

You are also able to plan your own Father’s Day Pledge event!  We urge businesses and organizations to display Pledge posters and encourage employees and visitors to sign. You can also set up a Father’s Day Pledge booth at local sporting events, programs, and festivals. For more information on hosting your own event, learn more here.